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Florida woman charged after having sex and a baby with a "horny" 14-year-old boy.

November 15, 2017 (WILD N’ KRAZY)—30-year-old, Tracie Casler, had sex with a "horny" 14-year-old boy, and getting pregnant in 2016 when she was 29-years-old, according to Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Last month, the Florida high school boy admitted to police that he had sex with Casler, after a Halloween party, when he got "messed up and horny" and ended up at Casler's house, putting "moves on her."

After giving birth on July 23, 2017—nine months after the party—Casler told her family and friends about her ordeal, and told them the identity of the baby's daddy. Days later, police opened an investigation into the party sex.

Tracie Casler

Naughty "trick or treat" fuck, Tracie Casler. Police image.

In September of 2017, Florida Department of Children and Families conducted a DNA test on Casler's 4-month-old baby, but the court report redacted the DNA results.

Charged with one count of lewd and lascivious battery with a minor between the age of 12 and 16—a second-degree felony—Casler remains in jail with a bond set at $30,000.

Last Modified: Wednesday 15 November 2017
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Underage Sex Sex With Minor Tracie Casler
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