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The Democratic Party is crumbling because Americans are rejecting their mental-cases, and their failed policies.

November 11, 2017 (WILD N’ KRAZY)—After the ass whooping that the Democrats received during the 2016 national election, you would think they would have learned their lesson—understanding why Donald Trump captured several blue states—states that have voted Democratic for several decades. You would also think that Democrats would have learned their lesson after the Republicans secured both the Senate and the House, easily, during the election, but nope—they have not.

For instance: after just five months on the job, the Democratic National Committee fired its top fundraiser, Emily Mellencamp Smith, after slow donations and fundraising since the 2016 election.

Democrats have become a party of nutcases, lunatics, and extreme personalities, because, if they had any sense, they would understand and see that the majority of Americans are rejecting their party, their candidates, their ideas and polices, and their leadership.

The writing is on the wall for the Democrat Party, but instead of focusing on the real problem—lunatics and mental cases—Democrats are once again blaming the gun, an inanimate object that does not kill without human intelligence.

Democrats are trying, once again, to reinstate a 'military-type assault weapons' ban, when, in fact, Americans cannot own an 'assault' rifle, without an expensive tax and a background check.

A true military 'assault rifle' automatically fires, or burst fires, several bullets with one pull of the trigger; whereas, with civilian rifles—rifles that the military does not use, because they are not as effective—only fire one round, with one pull of the trigger. Civilians cannot walk into a gun store and purchase military 'assault rifles', which is why the majority of Americans understand that the Liberal media and the Democratic Party are full of shit…

Americans understand that the Liberal message is all propaganda and lies. Americans also understand their Constitution, their Second Amendment rights, and the reason why our Constitution has the Second Amendment: to prevent an out-of-control government, or party, such as the Democratic Party, from striping Americans out of their God-given-rights and freedoms.

Now that we are clear of why we can, as Americans, own guns, and what exactly an 'assault rifle' truly is—and that Americans cannot walk into a gun store and buy an 'assault rifle'—we can focus on the most asinine part of the Liberal thinking: Democrats believe that once you ban guns, then the killing will stop; however, if that were the case, then Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York would be a fucking utopia of peace, which the majority of Americans know is bullshit.

In one weekend—Friday through Monday—five people were shot and killed, and at least 24 others wounded in shootings across Chicago. Now, keep in mind: Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in American, and yet, it is a fucking war zone in Chicago, literally.

Since 2001, nearly 9,000 people were shot and killed in Chicago, whereas, 2,384 people died in the Iraq War, and 4,504 died in the Afghanistan War.

With far fewer residents, Chicago has more homicides than Los Angeles or New York. In 2016, alone, Chicago had 762 homicides, 3,550 shooting incidents, and 4,331 shooting victims—the highest in two decades—while attacks on police officers nearly doubled. In 2015, there were 480 murders in Chicago—the most in the city since 1997.

In the Texas church shooting, where 26 people were shot and killed, the shooter should not have been able to purchase the rifle in the first place, because of his military criminal record; however, "bureaucratic failures" allowed Devin Kelley to purchase the rifle.

You see, we already have gun laws, but they are failing to prevent the shootings and the killings.

Even if you ban guns, the laws will not prevent someone from murdering countless. On Halloween day, Sayfullo Saipov ran over 15 people, killing 8 people in a rented truck. In Berlin of last year—2016—12 people were ran over and killed, and 48 other people were injured, while they were with their families, shopping at a Christmas market.

Last year in Nice, France, during Bastille Day celebrations, 85 people were ran over and killed by a terrorist and his 'assault' truck. Shall we start banning trucks?

You see, if someone wants to kill you, then you are probably going to die, no matter what laws you have, because only honest and principled people care about laws. Thugs, terrorist, lunatics, and mass-murders do not care about your gun laws.

Instead of focusing on the real problem—a human and mental problem—Democrats want to blame an inanimate object that cannot think, move, work or operate without a human brain.

Democrats, you are losing to the gun because you are like an inanimate object: you are brain-dead, and your leadership and policies are useless and worthless bullshit that does not, and will not work, and the majority of Americans know this fact.

Americans are tired of being blamed, and tired of punishment and losing their freedoms because of the Democratic Party and their nutcases, and their mass-murdering supporters.

Americans desire freedom, safety, and logic, and that is why they are kicking your party of mental-midgets to the curb.

Americans, use common sense, and protect yourself and your family: use your God-given-right, and purchase yourself a firearm, because the Democratic Party cannot, and will not protect you with their failed laws, and their failed thinking that does not work, and will never work.


Last Modified: Sunday 12 November 2017
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