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Ex-CIA Chief, John Brennan, calls out "intimidated" Trump for "giving Putin a pass."

November 12, 2017 (WILD N’ KRAZY)—During CNN’s 'State of the Union', former CIA Director, John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, called out Trump for "giving Putin a pass."

Brenna added, "and I think it demonstrates to Mr. Putin that Donald Trump can be played by foreign leaders who are going to appeal to his ego and to try to play upon his insecurities which is very, very worrisome from a national security standpoint."

Adding salt to wound, former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, said that world leaders use Donald Trump's "insecurities" to play him, and get what they want.

"I think that appeals to him and I think it plays to his insecurities. Yes, I do think both the Chinese and Russians think they can play him, " Clapper said.

Brenna said that he believes Trump is either "afraid" or "intimidated" by Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

"I think Mr. Putin is very clever in playing to Mr. Trump’s interest in being flattered. Also, Mr. Trump is, for whatever reason, either intimidated by Mr. Putin, afraid of what he could do or what might come out as a result of these investigations."

Yesterday, Donald Trump called Brennan and Clapper "political hacks", while defending Putin against allegations of election meddling.

"Putin is committed to undermining our system, our democracy, and our whole process. To try to paint it in any other way is, I think, astounding and in fact poses a peril to this country,” Clapper said.

Yesterday, Donald Trump was taking Putin's side against America's intelligence agencies; however, today, Trump is singing a different tune, trying to distance himself from his own words:

"What I said there is that I believe he believes that, and that’s very important for somebody to believe. I believe that he feels that he and Russia did not meddle in the election," Trump said, during a press conference Sunday.

"As to whether I believe it or not, I’m with our (intelligence) agencies, especially as currently constituted with their leadership. I believe in our intel agencies, our intelligence agencies."

Last Modified: Sunday 12 November 2017
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